About Us

In March 2022, I gave birth to my baby girl and my whole life changed. Everything I do and think about is to help better her future. I knew I wanted to spend as much time as possible with her during her baby years, which meant I couldn’t go back to my normal 9-5 job after my 18 months maternity leave. 100 Days Co. was created to hopefully help fulfill that dream. 

100 Days Co. was named so because it was the first milestone that my baby reached that felt real. All those sleepless and endless nights were slowly diminishing. All the crying and fussiness of a newborn were turning into giggles and smiles. After 100 days, the life of a new mom was finally getting into routine and I have adjusted to this new me.

100 Days Co. is about family and the love that comes with it. I want the parents and their kids to walk out in this world rocking cute matching clothes because, let’s be real, that’s cute. 

With every purchase, you are helping me make my dream and reality.

Thank you, and much love.